Burnout In The ED

Infamous words. Lester Freamon tells Jimmy McNulty “The job is the job.”

And he’s right, no matter what you do, your job is your job. Maybe you love your job. Maybe you worked hard to obtain this job. But at the end of the day it’s still a job. You walk in and punch a clock.

You see that the world they sold you in whatever flavor of nursing school you attended was steeped in idealism. Lots of nurses find this out the hard way. From the beginning we are taught and told that nursing isn’t supposed to be just a job, but your life’s calling.
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Blog Update

Caleb and Maddie

Caleb and Maddie

I’m not dead, nor is this blog. I’m just busy.

In the last 5 months I’ve…

  • Started my RN-BSN program
  • Moved
  • Had a baby (Madelyn May Christenson, 9/24/13)
  • Changed 1000+ Diapers
  • Sold 80+ boxes or girl scout cookies
  • Began  to write an e-book on how to effectively write a nurse resume

I’m looking forward to creating new content soon. So please be patient.

If you would like to help write for this blog, edit audio/video or be my facebook friend, please contact me.

Talk Soon,

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Caleb The Nurse

Basics of Chemotherapy W/ Dr. Greg Daniels PhD, MD.

Cancer sucks. But we can kill it.

The main method used to kill cancer is the use of a variety of drugs that fall under the umbrella of chemotherapy. I don’t know the first thing about cancer and chemotherapy, so I brought someone in who does.

This episode of Resource Nurse Radio I speak with Dr. Gregory A. Daniels, Ph.D., M.D. Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine Division of Hematology-Oncology UCSD. He will teach us about the basics of cancer and chemotherapy. [Read more...]

Your First Code Blue

Its going to happen. You’re patient will keel over dead. Assuming they don’t have a purple wristband on, it will be time to call a code blue and intiate CPR.

The first few times this happened to me I freaked out a little bit. The code team arrived and I found myself either paralyzed with fear, confused on what my role was or both.

I don’t want you to share in my awkward code blue experiences. You need to be equipped.  Thats why I brought in Jason Balough RN, PICU nurse, ACLS instructor @ExpressTraining.net and overall nice guy.

He’ll teach you what you need to do on your first code blue. Forgive the rhyme.

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