How To Be An (Awesomely Successful) ED Nurse…

How To Be an ER Nurse

Be an ER nurse and work with hunky George Clooney like doctors!

Ever wanted to save someone’s life?

Well what about saving dozens of lives per shift?

If you want pure thrills, excitement, blood and drama. The ED is the place for you. But where does a nurse start? How does one become one of these mythical life savers? Or more importantly, how does one assume the role of fighter of death and sepsis?

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Intro To Mechanical Ventilation (Part Deux)

Bird Ventilator

“Bird Universal Medical Respirator”.  Circa 1955. First mass produced positive pressure ventilator. Created by Dr. Forrest Bird


Its obvious that mechanical ventilators have progressed leaps and bounds since the 1950’s. Most things have. By now you have  a basic understanding of who and why a patient would need mechanical ventilation. Now its time to learn how to program, manage and troubleshoot the vent + take care of the patient the vent is attached to. This weeks Resource Nurse Radio is part two of our Intro To Mechanical Ventilation series. [Read more…]

Introduction To Mechanical Ventilation (Part 1)


Polio Patient in Iron Lung Circa 1957. Source

Pulmonary medicine has come along way from the use of the Iron Lung.

When a patient is unable to breathe on their own (respiratory failure), for whatever reason, the need for mechanical ventilation arises. In this episode of Resource Nurse Radio, I talk with pulmonary critical care fellow Dr. Andrew Lerner about respiratory failure and the basics of mechanical ventilation.

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